Whitefish Freestyle Inc.

A Non-Profit Dedicated to the Whitefish Mountain Resort Freestyle Team.

Whitefish Freestyle Inc.

Whitefish Freestyle Inc. 501(c)(3)

Dedicated to supporting the Whitefish Mountain Freestyle Team since 2015.

Athletes Since Creation
Scholarship $ Provided

Programs 100% funded for Freestyle Team.

All programs are contingent upon yearly fundraising. All elements listed below are not guaranteed to be paid by WF Inc. should funds not be available to cover these scholarship items. The more we fundraise the more we can provide support for the Whitefish Freestyle Inc. 


Dryland & Preseason Training

Team-wide dryland training at Flathead Gymnastics Academy is 100% paid by WF Freestyle Inc. Ariel training is critical for an athletes to improve agility, strength and spacial awareness. Athletes take the skills learned indoors to their outdoor training on snow, making it safer to try aerial tricks with the practice gained from dryland training.

Event Scholarships Paid

Event Fee Scholarships

WF Inc. refunds home competition event fees for athletes if they apply for any of our Event Fee Scholarships. We believe all those who want to compete should have a chance, free of monetary pressures of event fees. This team-wide benefit is only available if there are enough funds available after other priorities are satisfied.


Coaches Education

Our dedicated coaches teach and encourage our kids on their journey, as well as keep them safe while under their guidance. WF Freestyle Inc. is dedicated to providing funding for WMR's freestyle coaches seeking coaching education such as specialized licenses & certifications. Some examples include avalanche safety courses, ISFA coaching certification, AASI Freestyle specialist certs, USSA coach certifications, etc.


Team-wide Events

Each year WF Inc. hosts team parties to keep connected the athletes and coaches participating on various days. These events include: Pre-Season Ski Film Premier Party and an offsite, mid-season team bonding activity.

Need-based Scholarships

WF Inc. was founded on the principal of access for all who desire to freestyle ski. Anyone with a need based scholarship is encouraged to apply for assistance. WF Inc. has provided over $20,000 of scholarship funds to child athletes since 2015.


Coaches Travel Expenses

Travel is expensive. To support our coaches, WF Inc. will help with regional travel for coaches. This ensures all coaches can afford to help their athletes on the day of competition.

Volunteer, Donate, Share, Support our Whitefish Freestyle Athletes.