Whitefish Freestyle Inc.

Mission Statement

Whitefish Freestyle Inc. is a support group for the Whitefish Mountain Resort Freestyle Ski and Snowboard Team.
Through fundraising, this group shall maintain the “Whitefish Freestyle Fund”, with the primary goal of rewarding scholarships for a portion of Freestyle team enrollment fees for those who otherwise would not be able to join the team. 

An emphasis of all other fund expenditures should be oriented toward “skill building”.  Other uses of funds shall be primarily, but not limited to:

  • Reimbursement for portion of team members’ expenses at away competitions 
  • Reimbursement for portion of cost of sending a coach to away competitions 
  • Reimbursement of portion of cost of selected coach’s education
  • Portion of Team social activities/functions 

Fund expenditures, other than scholarships, should be offered to, or otherwise benefit the whole team, and not a specific group. If not, other fund expenditures should be offered so that all team members have the opportunity to benefit.    

Whitefish Freestyle Fund is not for use on any expense normally associated with running the team, or previously provided by the mountain. (Example: equipment, radios, tools etc.)

Some Cool Facts

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Board of Directors

Volunteer Board

Whitefish Freestyle Inc. is operated by a Volunteer Board of Directors. We are always looking for others that are willing to volunteer their time for the board or execution and organization of events.

Functions of the board:
Annual Fundraiser Creation and Execution
Monthly Financial Tracking
Receiving and processing Scholarship Requests.
Consulting with Head Coach of Whitefish Mountain Freestyle Team to plan programs to help facilitate any additional needs.

Parents Ourselves
We are each parents of children that have either been in the program in the past or are currently in the program.

Help us serve the Freestyle Community. Contact to volunteer.